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72 O’Connell Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Previously trading as RH Major Opticians but owned by Fiona Lonergan FBDO since 2004, we provide a range of specialist eyecare products and services to meet every need.

Our professional eye examinations include an OCT scan (Optical Coherence Tomography), an imaging method used to generate a 3D picture of the back of the eye, the retina.
This allows our Optometrist, Clare, to gain a wealth of information about the health of your eyes, and, indeed, your general health, and gives us a baseline for future monitoring.
We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art Ophthalmic Care, constantly investing in technology in all areas of the practice.
Our dispensing team, headed by Fiona, consider your visual tasks and environment and determine the best lens type to suit your needs, and match that with a fabulous frame to suit your face and budget.
We fit contact lenses, including Myopia Control contact lenses and MultiFocal contact lenses, to suit all wearers, young and old, from occasional to full time.
We stock a wonderful range of sunglasses, both prescription and non-prescription from fashion to sports specific and are all trained to help choose the best lens type for specific sports types and terrains.

"It is our pleasure to advise you, whatever your eyecare needs, and look forward to helping you to keep your business local."

Eye Examination

Your PRSI (employees and self-employed persons with sufficient PRSI contributions) or Medical Card will cover the basic checks of vision and eye health. The OCT scan (a quick, non-invasive scan, generally requiring no drops, which can detect eye disease before it affects vision, and can even detect general health issues) is a 30 Euro supplement. At your first visit, we will always perform the OCT to obtain baseline measurements.

At your follow up eye examinations, the OCT will be performed according to your eyecare needs, ideally at every visit.

Optique Vision has provided corporate eyecare services for many local companies over the years. According to EU legislation, Employers must provide an eye examination for all VDU users.

Optique Vision have provided thorough eye examinations for the employees of local companies for over 20 years. A full eye examination at Optique Vision includes a VDU screening. We also carry a comprehensive range of safety spectacles, suitable for most types of industrial protection. Employers are obliged to provide safety spectacles for employees where required. As a local business, Optique Vision would like to support business owners in Clonmel and surrounding areas to promote and provide excellent eyecare for all employees.

We can tailor a bespoke corporate eyecare package for you. Please phone us to discuss your business requirements.

We start with a chat about the visual status and the eyes, and the overall health of the child. We also like to know what your child is interested in, and how they spend their time, and if there are any tasks they avoid (it is useful for you to ask their teacher/child- minder/creche if they have noticed any issues also). Then it’s time to play some vision games and have some fun! Parents/Guardians even get to take part too!

An eye examination for a child is different to that for an adult, and much more fun! At Optique Vision, we take great care to make all children feel very welcome, and very special. 

Please allow 60 minutes for your child’s first eye examination with us.

Sometimes Clare may ask for permission to insert a drop into your child’s eyes. Cyclopentolate (1%) relaxes the accommodation and gives a true reflection of the child’s spectacle prescription. She will advise the child that the drop feels cold but only very briefly, it doesn’t sting. After counting to ten, the eye will feel back to normal again. As well as your child’s vision, we also check how well the two eyes are working together (binocular vision) and the health of the eyes.

Some further testing may be needed at a later date – Clare will discuss the results of all the tests and advise what is necessary – watch and review; spectacles; or referral for further investigation.

Please contact us to book your child’s eye examination, or if you have any queries.


Thanks to their patented PolarizedPlus2 technology, their unique formula of digital polarization enhances colour in bright conditions, leaving you with a crisper and more vibrant visual world. Not only is their polarization the top of the line, but Maui Jim shades also offer the best possible visual acuity in their impact resistant, scratch proof, and smudge proof lenses. Maui-Jim can also be made to prescription.

Elegant and Refined. Fashion-forward frames with a distinctive Parisian style.

Vogue means fun shapes and distinctive details combining sophisticated designs and pure elegance with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Lightweight frames trusted by world-class athletes for performance & durability.

Bold, individual, and creative colourful designs to ensure you stand out from the crowd! See the full collection as well as order in 3 models to try in store with no obligation to buy.

Constantly driven to ignite the imagination through the fusion of art and science, you can also have sunglasses with or without your prescription.

Whether you're a trendsetter, a connoisseur of fine design, or someone who appreciates timeless sophistication, Prada eyewear offers a range of styles to suit your unique preferences. Also offering sunglasses, we can make Prada sunglasses to your prescription.

Silhouette has revolutionised the world of eyewear with the world's lightest glasses. Extremely high standards of workmanship and the use of the latest materials and production techniques, they have even been worn by astronauts in space!

The much beloved classic that remains timeless while always innovating in style, Ray-Ban offer both eye glasses and sunglasses, both with and without a prescription.

Children's Frames

Active Frames, Centro Style’s brand to ensure visual comfort for children from birth up to adolescence. Active Frames comprises 6 collections designed for the specific needs of children of different age ranges. All Active Frames collections are lightweight, flexible, soft, comfortable, shockproof, certified and compliant with EU regulations.

The Ray-Ban eyeglasses you love in a size perfect for kids, available in rectangular, square, round and other popular Ray-Ban shapes. A vast array of frames and colors makes it easy to find the right model and discover innovative materials like carbon and titanium.

Explore Oakley Youth eyeglasses to find sporty silhouettes for active kids. Pops of color, unique details, and kid-friendly design add a youthful edge to classic frames crafted in high-quality materials chosen for their performance and comfort.

Lens Ranges

Essilor® Stellest

They grow up right before our eyes. Don't let their myopia do the same. Do more than correct their vision, choose to slow the progression of their myopia. Ask us about Essilor® Stellest, the new lens that slows down myopia pregression by 67% on average, compared o single vision lenses, when wore 12 hours a day.*

Click here for more details.

Essilor® Varilux® XR series™

Discover the new Ai powered varifocal lens that predicts you visual behaviour to respond to your natural eye movement.

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™

Photochromic lenses that adjust to different light conditions automatically. All Transitions lenses offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays and help filter out blue-violet light¹ from bright sunlight, even when you are indoors. By regulating the amount of light that reaches your eyes, Transitions lenses help minimise glare, for more comfortable vision.

Click here for a virtual try on.

Essilor® Eyezen®

Life in the modern world can put strain on your eyes, discover our solution. Eyezen®, our single vision lenses, tailored to accommodate the digital world.

Lens Coatings

Crizal® Drive

Crizal® Drive

Comfort is key to road safety. Discover Crizal® Drive, an invisible shield of protection that reduces reflections, allowing you to drive with comfort and confidence.

Crizal® SapphireHR

Crizal® SapphireHR

Be ready for whatever each day brings with transparent protection against artificial glare. Discover Crizal® SapphireHR, the lens that supports durability and easy cleaning while maintaining crystal clear vision.

Crizal® Prevencia

Crizal® Prevencia

Be ready to face whatever the day brings with transparent protection. Discover Crizal® Prevencia, the lens that defeats the enemies of clear vision.

*Protection against UV and blue-violet light filtering. (Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018)



Do what you enjoy most, without compromising your vision.

With UV protection, blue-violet light filter, and glare cut, Xperio® sun lenses allow you to pursue your passions without limits

Wear prescription lenses? Get your Xperio® sun lenses made to your prescription, tailoring your sun lenses to your lifestyle.

Contact Lenses


Meet the Team

Fiona Lonergan
Fiona Lonergan

Fiona is our proprietor and dispensing optician, recently celebrating 20 years at the helm of Optique Vision. She graduated from the Dispensing Programme, City University, London in 1994 and collaborated with Richard Major, Senior, in Clonmel until 1998. She then managed Major McGrath Opticians, Waterford for five years.

As a Tipperary native, Fiona was delighted to return to Clonmel to take over RH Major Opticians Clonmel in January 2004 and provide excellent, professional, friendly eye-care service to the people of Clonmel and surrounding areas since then. She is renowned for her ability to choose the perfect frame for everyone, as well as the perfect lens type to suit your visual needs and environment.

Clare Quinlan
Clare Quinlan
FAOI, MSC, Professional Certificate in Medical Retina, Diploma in Glaucoma

Clare joined the practice in 2019 with a wealth of experience both in Ireland and the UK. She has 5 years of hospital experience in The Institute of Eye Surgery in The Whitfield Clinic and has undertaken much research in that setting, with several published papers.

She has a keen interest in myopia control, medical retina, dry eye and paediatrics. A graduate of DIT in 1998, she is a member of the Association of Optometrists and registered with Coru.

Tina Hurley
Tina Hurley

Based in Optique Vision since May 2008, joining us with over five years experience, Tina has extensive optical knowledge. Tina oversees all optical laboratory operations and clinic management. She prides herself on the quality assurance practices she has established and implemented in our optical laboratory.

When it comes to dispensing, patients appreciate Tina's engaging, genuine personality and keen sense of style. These traits lend themselves perfectly to frame and optical lens selection. Tina's creativity and passion for design and fashion is obvious from her beautiful and eye- catching frame and window displays.

Megan Owens
Megan Owens

Megan is a Student Dispensing Optician with ABDO College in the UK, and joined the practice in November 2022. The aim of a dispensing optician is to provide customers with the very best in eyecare lens technology and expert frame styling. Taking your frame choice and lens options and transforming them into the perfect pair of glasses just for you!

She has 9 years optical experience in total and a wonderful manner with adults, learning from Fiona, but just loves to help dispensing children. Getting the shy ones to open up and be excited about their new glasses and making it a fun experience for the boisterous ones. Megan wants everyone to enjoy their optical journey as she knows just how daunting and stressful it can be for some people…until they meet us!

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last

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Our Charity of Choice

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetically inherited disease that primarily affects the lungs and the digestive system. Ireland has the highest incidence of Cystic Fibrosis in the world – approximately 1 in 19 people are said to carry one copy of the altered gene that causes Cystic Fibrosis.

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Optique Vision has a state of the art software programme and do our best to keep the amount of paper to a strict minimum. We encourage all our customers to opt for phone, text or email communication. We offer our patients a spectacle recycling service - old spectacles are donated for redistribution to developing countries or recycling.


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