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There are many ways eye problems can manifest in children. 

Some of the most common compaints are:

  • difficulty seeing in the distance or up close, 

  • one eye turning in/out, 

  • headaches, rubbing/blinking eyes, 

  • tilting head or closing one eye to read. 



If you suspect your child has a problem with their eyes make an appointment for an eye examination at Optique Vision immediately.

Your child is never too young to have an eye examination. In fact the earlier they are tested the better! At Optique Vision we have the equipment, skill and experience to test children from two years of age and older. Our children's vision tests don't require your child to know their letters or even verbally communicate! Regular eye examinations are important to ensure any eye problems are detected and treated early. If left untreated, eye conditions like the need for spectacles or a turn in the eye (strabismus) may inhibit your child's learning and or cause behavioural problems.

Children's Eyewear

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