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Children's Eye Examination

Did you know?

Children's eye examinations are different to adult examinations...They are much more fun!

At Optique Vision we are crazy about children's eyecare. We take great care to make all children who attend the practice feel very welcome and special.

The examination starts with a chat about the visual status and eye health of the child. Then it's time to play some vision games and have some fun! Parents/Guardians are encouraged to take part and help out with the vision games too! 

Please allow 30 minutes for your child's eye examination. Sometimes the optometrist will ask permission to insert a drop into the childs eyes. This drop is Cyclopentolate (1%) it relaxes accommodation and gives a true reflexion of the child's spectacle prescription. We advise the children as follows: "The drop makes the eye a little cold.... but close your eyes and count to ten....then you will feel better." At the end of the exam the optometrist will inform you of the findings. Together with the parent/guardian we might decide to do some further tests at a later visit.Your child may have perfect vision, a need for spectacles, a need for occlusion therapy (patching), or may be referred for further investigation. 

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns about your child's vision or eye health or if you would like to learn more about Children's eye examinations at Optique Vision?

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