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Eye Examination

An eye examination at Optique Vision will provide you with a thorough and detailed assessment of your vision, spectacle prescription and eye health. Allow 30 minutes for the eye examination. Our optometrists are committed to continuous professional development and keep informed about advances in optometry. Optique Vision regularly invests in the latest equipment in order to enhance the patient's experience and the optical precision of the eye examination. If you or a family member have an eye disease such as Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy or Glaucoma please consider our eye examination with a detailed OCT scan. An OCT scan is quick, non invasive and can detect eye disease before it effects vision.

Avail of a free eye examination:


  • Medical card holders, employees and self employed persons with PRSI contributions can often avail of a free eye examination and an allowance towards new spectacles.


If you have any queries about your eye health, vision or prescription please phone us for an appointment?

“I recently had an eye examination with Aoife Phelan, I have to say it was very thorough and I am delighted with my new spectacles.”
"Fiona's advanced knowledge of brands and designs ensure that I always leave with amazing new glasses that are admired by everyone. I would highly recommend a visit."
"Very friendly and attentive. You will get expert advise on choosing a frame that best suits your face shape, colouring, and personal style. Every face is different so Fiona feels it is important to stock a wide variety of frames from many different collections."


"Optique Vision has the best and largest selection of designer frames and sunglasses in the south east."


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