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About Laura


Laura visits Optique Vision every Friday to support the community of Clonmel with your hearing needs. Laura has an MSc. in Audiology from University College Cork and has spent the last four years gaining experience working with adults and children in hospitals and in the community both in Ireland and the UK.


Laura understands the frustrations that come with dealing with hearing loss and adjusting to hearing aids and believes that the only approach to a successful hearing aid fitting is to truly get to know the person that she is helping.  Laura loves continuing to learn everyday from her customers and stresses the importance of active listening. She has a high success and satisfaction rate, as she focuses on working closely and in great detail with her customers to improve their quality of life.  


What to expect during an appointment?


A hearing test appointment with Laura is typically 1 hour and 20 minutes long. By conducting a thorough test, Laura can get a better understanding of you and your hearing health, so that she can recommend the right solution for your personal needs.



  1. Laura will discuss with you what situations you are finding challenging and ask you about your medical history.

  2. Laura will then check the health of your ears with her otoscope.

  3. Laura will test your hearing across different tones using headphones and a bone conduction headband.

  4. Laura will then discuss these results with you and show you how they relate to everyday life.

  5. As well as testing the tones that you hear, Laura will measure how well you hear speech in both quiet and noisy environments.

  6. If you do need hearing aids, Laura will offer you a demonstration of them. She will then discuss different options with you based on your budget, hearing loss, challenging environments, and technology needs.

  7. She will then arrange a free trial for a week, so that you can test them in the environments that are the most challenging for you.

  8. You will then come back the following Friday for a chat about how you found the hearing aids and how they worked in your challenging situations.

  9. Based on these findings, Laura will adjust the hearing aids to better suit your needs until you are comfortable with them and you are experiencing better hearing in the environments that matter the most to you.



To find out more information or to book a free hearing test or free hearing aid trial, please ring Amplifon’s lovely Customer Care Co-ordinator, Sharon, on 021 4279627 or 1800302038. Don't forget to leave a voicemail with your details! 
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