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Myopia Management

Myopia (shortsightedness) is the inability of the eye to focus in the distance. Our eye grows as we grow but in myopic patients it grows too long.

We offer Myopia Management options which include Spectacle lenses (link to Essilor Stellest, link to Hoya Miyosmart), day contact lenses (link to Coopervision MiSight) and night contact lenses (link to Choosing one of these options for your child may slow down the progression of myopia by approximately 60%.

Your child might complain of:

  • difficulty seeing in the distance (TV or White Board), 

  • sitting very close to TV or digital screen, 

  • headaches, rubbing/blinking eyes, squinting eyes to see

  • holding book very close to read. 


If you suspect your child has a problem with their eyes please make an appointment for an eye examination at Optique Vision immediately. New advances in optometry in the area of Myopia Management mean that  we can now treat Myopia.

To help you understand what a myope sees without spectacles click this link to the Coopervision Myopia Simulator? To learn more about myopia please check out

Studies have shown that spending at least 2 hours outdoors daily, and limiting time on devices helps to prevent/delay the onset of myopia.

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