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Updated: Mar 30

Optique Vision, Clonmel, will close for the next two weeks in line with Irish government recommendations. As soon as guidance from the government deems optometry an essential service we shall open again. Like the whole community our staff will save lives by staying at home. We are wishing you all a safe and calm few weeks.

As stated by the Irish Association of Optometrists: "Optometry is not considered an essential service at the moment. Practices should be shut and the doors locked. Contact lenses and spectacles ready for collection should be posted out."

If you have an ocular emergency please phone Optique Vision 0526121820 or email during normal business hours for advice and triage by the dispensing optician or optometrist. If it is a very urgent case you can avail of the following services:

  1. Virtual Consultation with Wellington Eye Clinic email

  2. Institute of Eye Surgery UPMC Whitfield and UPMC Kildare - 24 Hr National Urgent Access Service 0818 393 393

  3. Contact University Hospital Waterford (UHW) by phone (now appointment only no walk in service) 051 842354  or 051 842219  or through UHW switchboard to the eye doctor oncall and an appropriate date and time of appointment will be given. Do not present at the hospital. You must have an appointment.

Here is a very informative video on COVID 19 and eyecare from the Wellington Eye Clinic. Mr Cummings, Ophthalmologist, recommends thorough hygiene around contact lens use and eye drop insertion. He also asks you to consider taking a break from make up and contact lens wear during the pandemic. Continue to use your eye drops as prescribed.

If you have concerns or questions check the HSE Website, WHO Website or Irish Government Website. Mind your mental health - speak to someone, virtually if necessary! Maybe take a break from scaremongering WhatsApp groups and Facebook feeds. Washing your hands with soap and water thoroughly, using the method outlined by WHO (shown below) is your best defence against any Virus. When you are out and about for essential food shopping remember: Hand sanitizer is only effective if you use it according to the method outlined below. Maintain social distancing, follow government guidelines. Do not touch your face, spectacles or hair. Do not rub your eyes. Touch as little as possible, use your non dominant hand for doorknobs, transport, bathrooms etc because it is difficult for you to touch your face with that hand.

Go well, we are all in this together. Be kind to each other.

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