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MiyoSMART the most exciting advance in optometry EVER!


Myopia or shortsightedness is the inability to focus clearly on distant objects.

There is now a spectacle lens which has been proven to slow down the progression of myopia. Book an eye test for your child at Optique Vision, we can't wait to meet you and dispense this spectacle lens to your child.


MiYOSMART is an innovative spectacle lens for myopia control developed by the lens company Hoya together with its research collaborator. Based on a two-year clinical trial results, MiyoSmart is proven to curb myopia progression in children in average by 60% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the implications for my child’s vision or spectacle prescription if we wait?

We have a better chance of slowing the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) if we start MiYOSMART wear at a younger age as the eye grows more when the child is younger. Myopic patients have a higher risk of certain eye diseases and this risk increases with increased myopia.

How many visits will it take?

One initial 45 appointment for a sight test with drops. Follow up phone call in 2 weeks. Eye exam every 6 months.

How often will the spectacle lens need to be worn?

These spectacles needs to be worn full time for maximum effect.

What will my child’s vision be like with the MiYOSMART lens?

The vision with MiYOSMART lens will be clear. Initially some children notice that the vision is a little different but they quickly adapt to this.

How will we know if it is working?

I have access to a myopia (short-sighted) calculator ( – this is an online tool that we will use initially to predict the likely progress of your child’s myopia with and without the use of the MiYOSMART lens. I can talk you through this in a phone call before you decide to go ahead with the initial visit. We can refer back to this predictor too over the course of the treatment. I will still expect the myopia (short-sightedness) to progress but I expect it to progress at a slower rate.

What other options are there to slow myopia progression?

Current treatment options include multifocal spectacles, orthokeratology (wearing a hard lens during sleep), atropine eye drops (work on the nervous system and blur near vision) and daily contact lenses (Misight).

Please email to request more information?

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