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Exciting new wheelchair accessible exam room a huge success!

Finishing touches applied! "Lick of paint" and a new chair for the optometrist. We were always state of the art, but now the testing room has enhanced functionality. The new test chair can be wheeled to the side to allow wheelchair bound patients to sit at the correct distance from the test chart. If you would like to learn more about the Optique Vision Eye Exam click here? People often comment on our advanced equipment...I often state I always wanted to work on the Star Ship Enterprise and now I do (Trekkies will get this)! Our most advanced machine is the OCT scan. This non - invasive 5 minute test can identify early glaucoma changes up to 9 years before they appear in a normal eye exam in the form of loss of vision! Contact us for more information?


Would you believe that the Eye Exam room refit took less than 2 working days! Big thank you to William Campion Electrician, Bernard Bourke plumbing, Topcon, Panda Carpets - Kieran and Bernard, Tom O'Donnell painting, Fieldmaster Clonmel and of course our fabulous customers for your continued support!

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